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Founder & CEO Of Click Deer

Shafi Ullah Is the founder and CEO of ClickDeer, the best SEO agency in the USA and Pakistan.

Shafi Ullah began his career as a social media marketer (Facebook and Instagram Ads) before quickly transitioning to SEO and content marketing strategy, recognizing the importance of organic traffic for any website along with paid ads.

He worked with major brands like Rearviewprints, kava dot com, 110shades,yellowinch, and helped them generate tens of thousands of revenue. Along with SMM, he started to learn how SEO works And quired avant-garde SEO strategies. 

After many successful SEO projects, he created a well-trained and thoroughly tested team of SEO professionals and built a vast portfolio in a short time. He spends most of his time as a Business SEO Consultant as well as SEO Director at ClickDeer. In addition to that, he actively manages his personal SEO blog.

Why SEO?

SEO is one of the most critical marketing strategies for small, medium, and big businesses. Search engine optimization is essential to grow your business, get more qualified website traffic, and reach potential customers. There are many SEO benefits for a business, including increased search rankings and driving traffic from search engines to your website


SEO can help you reach new and existing customers, build brand awareness and increase sales. If your website isn’t optimized for search engines, it won’t be easy to attract visitors looking for specific products or services. You may be missing out on potential clients who are ready to buy what you sell.

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