Naturopathic Beauty- 171% Growth In Organic Traffic.

Domain Authority Increased To 39 From 29 In 6 Month Just!

Naturopathic Beauty SEO case study 2022

The Business.

Dr. Stacey Shillington ND/Naturopathic beauty(a leading provider in the area of natural beauty and skin care,) wanted to expand her business, but she was having trouble getting online visibility and getting ranked on the specific keywords that would help her do so. She Turned to Click Deer to help her increase her website’s online visibility and get ranked on specific keywords so she could increase business inquiries.

Naturopathic Beauty SEO case study 2022

The Biggest Challenge
For The Business.

Dr. Shillington had been running her business for several years but struggled to compete with larger clinics in the area with more resources and better marketing strategies. She knew that if she wanted to grow her business and attract new clients, she would need to increase her online visibility and get ranked on specific keywords so potential customers could find her easily online.

The Click Deer 6 Month
SEO Action Plan.

Naturopathic Beauty approached ClickDeer to increase its online visibility and organic traffic.


The Click Deer SEO team analyzed Dr. Shillington’s website and conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis to determine how they could best help the client achieve their goals.


The Click Deer SEO team launched a 6 month SEO campaign that included:


  1. Competitor Analysis

  2. Keyword research

  3. Creating content for every page on the site (including blogs)

  4. Link building

  5. Technical optimization to make sure Google knew what each page was about


Results After 3 Months.

After only 3 months into the campaign, Dr. Stacey Shillington ND/Naturopathic beauty had already seen impressive results:


SEO case study 2022

Results After 6 Months.

After 6 months of working with Click Deer, Dr. Shillington had 1) Organic traffic increased by 170% and Domain Authority increased to 39.

SEO case study 2022 - Naturopathic Beauty

And Today….!

This business is already rocking and enjoying huge Organic Traffic and more business, of course!

Naturopathic Beauty SEO case study 2022